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Go Wild About Lawns!

Wild About Gardens celebrates wildlife gardening and aims to encourage people to use their gardens to take action to help support nature. 

A lawn can be so much more than a short patch of grass, if we give it the chance. Pledge to create a wilder lawn and invite more colour, more nature and more life into your garden.

Actions you can take

Dog daisy

Jon Hawkins – Surrey Hills Photography

Add some wildflowers

A lawn full of wildflowers provides vital food for bees and butterflies, amongst many other benefits.

Painted lady butterfly

Adam Cormack

Make a mini lawn

For a balcony or yarden.


Jon Hawkins - Surrey Hills Photography

Leave your lawn to grow long

Embrace the daisies, dandelions, clovers and other naturally flowering plants.


Tom Marshall

Create a lawn with a difference

Why not try planting chamomile?

I pledge to...

Take the plunge in 2024 and make your lawn a haven for wildlife! Our lawns are so much more than just a patch of grass. With a bit of care and attention – or even inattention – a lawn can provide a sanctuary for our natural neighbours. Take some time to get to know the plants and animals in your lawn, and you might be surprised at what you find!

There are lots of ways we can use our lawns to support wildlife, and some of them take no effort at all...

Pledge to welcome a wilder lawn!

Our guide to bringing your lawn to life

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Wild About Gardens

The Wildlife Trusts and RHS set up Wild About Gardens to celebrate wildlife gardening and to encourage people to use their gardens to take action to help support nature. Many of our common garden visitors – including hedgehogs, house sparrows and starlings – are increasingly under threat. But together we can make a difference. Find out how our green spaces can provide for wildlife.

More ways to help wildlife

Click on a theme below to find out how to look after different species in the garden!

Butterflies Ponds Hedgehogs  Worms

 Bats Bees Beetles Swifts, swallows, and martins

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