In a weekend

If you have more time, and want a challenge, try one of these projects.

Bug mansion. Credit: Sue Tatman

Build a bug mansion

You can attract beneficial insects and other creatures into your garden and add to garden biodiversity by building a bug mansion – or even a more humble abode!

Compost café. Credit: RHS

Build a compost café

Besides being one of the most positive things anyone with a garden can do to reduce landfill and enrich their soil, compost heaps are wildlife attractors in their own right.

Build a mini stone wall

In the countryside, well-maintained dry stone walls are a marvellous habitat for wildlife. You can try to emulate this in your garden, on a smaller scale.

Plant a night-scented garden

Flowers that release their scent in the evening are a big draw for moths. They also give us the pleasure of sweet perfume, striking silhouettes and luminous glow.

Pond. Credit: RHS

Put in a pond

If there’s one feature in the garden guaranteed to attract wildlife with astonishing speed, it’s a pond. And at a time when ponds have all but disappeared from farmland, it’s a hugely helpful thing to do.

What to look out for this month

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